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4.5KW 24V Solar Inverter

4.5KW 24V Solar Inverter

The JKCSOLAR 4.5KW 24V Solar Inverter is a high-efficiency, reliable, and cost-effective solution for residential and commercial solar installations. It features a unique design that allows for easy and fast installation, as well as a built-in MPPT and grid-tie function that makes it ideal for off-grid and grid-tie applications. With its wide input range, this inverter can handle any type of solar panel, providing maximum efficiency and power output. Its superior quality components offer reliable operation and long-term performance, making it the perfect choice for any solar installation.

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Details of 4.5KW 24V Solar Inverter

Model: 4.5KW 24V

Input Voltage Waveform: Sinusoidal (utility or generator)

Nominal Input Voltage: 230Vac

Low Loss Voltage: 170Vac±7V (UPS) 90Vac±7V (Appliances)

Low Loss Return Voltage: 180Vac±7V (UPS); 100Vac±7V (Appliances)

High Loss Voltage: 265Vac±7V

High Loss Return Voltage: 255Vac±7V

Max AC Input Voltage: 300Vac

Nominal Input Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)

Low Loss Frequency: 40±lHz

Low Loss Return Frequency: 42±lHz

High Loss Frequency: 65±lHz

High Loss Return Frequency: 63±lHz

Output Short Circuit Protection: Line mode: Circuit Breaker Battery mode: Electronic Circuits

Efficiency (Line Mode): >95% ( Rated R load, battery full charged )

Transfer Time: 10ms typical (UPS); 20ms typical (Appliances)