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outdoor solar energy storage

Outdoor Solar Energy Storage

The JKCSOLAR Outdoor Solar Energy Storage System is a comprehensive power solution designed to provide homeowners, businesses, and other organizations with a reliable, renewable energy source. This system is easy to install and maintain and provides a safe, clean, and cost-effective way to power a wide range of applications. It is an ideal solution for areas that receive minimal sunlight, as it is capable of capturing and storing solar energy from the sun, even during the night. It is also equipped with a number of safety features, including an emergency cut-off switch and surge protection, which protect against unexpected power outages or surges. The system is also designed to be highly efficient, reducing energy costs and helping to protect the environment.

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Features of Outdoor Solar Energy Storage


Small size and convenient.


Support a variety of charging methods, such as solar energy, USB, car charger.


Good safety, such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection and over-discharge protection.

Details of Outdoor Solar Energy Storage

Output voltage and current:AC110V/220N 50HzAC110V/220N 50Hz
Cigarette lighter12V/10A12V/10A
Special interface for charging:13.8V/5A13.8V/5A
Adapter:25.5V/8A 8.5H25.5V/8A 17H
Fast Charge:25.5V/15A 4.5H25.5V/15A 5H
Product Size:319*270*207mm319*270*224mm
Discharge time:50 minutes50 minutes
Work Time:“-10℃-45℃”“-10℃-45℃”

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