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household solar energy storage

Household Solar Energy Storage

JKCSOLAR Household Solar Energy Storage System is a renewable energy storage system that can be used to store solar energy for use in residential homes. This system is designed to increase the efficiency of solar energy production and use by allowing homeowners to store and use the energy they generate from their solar panels when they need it. The system includes a battery bank, an inverter, and charge controller, and a monitoring system to track the performance of the system. The system is designed to be easy to install and use, and it is capable of providing reliable and efficient energy storage for residential applications.

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Features of Household Solar Energy Storage


Provide backup power supply for families to cope with power failure.


Energy storage system can help optimize the efficiency of household energy use and reduce energy costs.


By using renewable energy and energy storage systems, households can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, thereby reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Details of Household Solar Energy Storage

array mode16S1P
rated capacity100Ah
minimum capacity>96Ah
operating coltage43.2-57.6v
rated voltage51.2v
Charge voltage57.6v
discharge cut-off voltage43.2v
Standard charging current0.25c
Communication portRS485
LightALM / RUN / SOC
Cycle life5000 cycles
Standard discharging current0.5c

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