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Solar Lights For Playground

Road lighting at night is provided by JKCSOLAR Park & Playground lights, which use solar power generation as their power source. Use a light source with a high luminous efficiency and time-and-light control. It has benefits like high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation, no need for traditional cable laying, long service life, etc.

Advantages of JKCSOLAR Lights For Park & Playground


China street solar led lights can be placed in any location and adjusted to provide the desired light levels.


Solar lights are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, meaning they will last longer than traditional lighting solutions.

Easy Installation

The China led solar street lamp is easy to install and require no additional wiring. This makes them perfect for parks and playgrounds that may not have access to existing electrical outlets.

Case Show of JKCSOLAR Lights For Park & Playground

Solar Park Light

JKCSOLAR Lights For Park & Playgroundhave the advantages of beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and intelligence.