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Q: How many years is the warranty of the J series round lamp?

The J20/J30/J50 whole lamp is guaranteed for 3 years.

Q: Does the new J series round lamp have motion sensor?

No, there is intelligent control, which sets power according to time, and remote control (UAV remote control technology, which can penetrate the wall within 30 meters). 

Motion sensor can be added according to customer needs.

Q: What are the advantages of integrated solar lamp and the semi-integrated solar lamp?

1. Advantages of Integrated OEM LED solar street lamp: stronger wind resistance, convenient installation, transportation and maintenance.

2. Advantages of semi-integrated solar lamp: It can increase the solar power or battery capacity without limitation.

Q: What is the Switch and Lighting mode of our solar lights?

1. Light switch mode: Mechanical switch + Light control(Dusk to Dawn) + Time control + Remote control.

2. Remote control L, T, U, M four light modes

OFF: No matter day or night, light "OFF"

DEMO: No matter day or night, light "on" for 1 minute. 

L: At night,12hrs full power.

T: At night,4hrs full power+8hrs25%

U: At night,4hrs full power+8hrs motion sensor control.

M: At night,12hrs motion sensor control.

Note: After press "OFF", The light off and won't on anymore. please press "M" to resume, it will working with "M" mode again.

Q: What cell is used in the FX series battery? How to ensure the safe use of batteries?

100% brand new Class A lithium iron phosphate battery.

For the potential safety hazard of lithium battery, we have done four protection: 1. Add a temperature control probe in the controller; 2. A temperature control system is added to the battery pack; 3. A layer of thermal insulation cotton is placed on the solar panel of the battery pack; 4. Explosion-proof valve is placed in each cell.

Q: How many led beads for J series solar light?

J20 and J30 with LED boards, J50 with 5 LED boards, each LED board with 24 LED beads, and each lamp bead is 0.5W.

Q: For J series lamps, how much will the brightness decrease (increase) each time when press the remote control?

The brightness decreases (increases) by 5% every time you press the button.

Q: Do I need to turn on the charge the solar lamp before installing the lamp?

Yes, it is best to charge for 2-3 days before installation.

Q: How long can the controller be used?

No problem for more than ten years, generally 10 years.

Q: Description of J series remote control switch?

J series wholesale solar led street light without a mechanical switch, only with remote control switch. The standby mode can be turned on within 10s of solar radiation.

Q: What is the aging of the company's products?

First, charge and discharge aging shall be at least 4hrs, then accessories discharge aging shall be 12hrs, and finally finished products aging shall be 16hrs.

Q: What type of battery does J series solar lamp use?

A brand new lithium iron phosphate battery.

Q: What is the advantage of integrated solar street lamp over split street lamp?

Cable-free, simple installation, low installation cost, beautiful, low requirements for light poles, for some windy special areas, integration should be stronger (stronger windproof ability).

Q: What's the purpose of aging?

To ensure product quality and reduce the rate of defective products.

Q: Which model can customized to AC DC Hybrid solar light?

M20(included) or above, G30 (included) or above, and PAD/FX/ZC/J series can be custpmized. 

Q: Can the battery of street lamp be increased?

Yes,please contact us for further details.

Q: What is the function of the battery protection board?

Battery overcharge and discharge protection.

Q: What sensors do we use? (Sensor type)

The G series uses human infrared sensing, mobile sensing, and the sensing distance is 8 to 12 meters. In winter, the sensing distance can reach 15 meters. The PAD/FX/JKC/M series uses radar sensing (microwave sensing), and the sensing distance is 9-12 meters. It is the longest distance in the industry.

Q: What's the function of motion sensor?

When the movement(such as person/vehicle passes by) be detected, our solar lamp will turn to full power from saving power, and if there without movement be detected again within 30seconds,our solar lamp will turn to saving power to save energy.

Q: What materials are used for solar lamps?

Aluminum alloy.