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Solar Street Lamp For Garden

JKCSOLAR company provides solar garden lamps for customers. We have many years of experience in this field and will recommend suitable power, style and other products to customers according to customer needs and actual conditions.

Advantages of JKCSOLAR Street Lamp For Garden

Solar Street Lamps Have a Long Service Life

China street solar led lights usually use LED light source, which not only has good lighting effect but also has a service life of 50000 hours.

Power Consumption and Easy Maintenance

First of all, the main power source of solar garden lamp is solar radiation, and it does not need to be charged, so it will not consume conventional electric energy and will not generate electricity bills. The core equipment of the OEM solar street lamp is only the charging board, which is easy to maintain and repair.

The Appearance of Solar Garden Lamp is Fashionable and Beautiful

Compared with the traditional garden lamp, the solar garden lamp has a more simple and generous shape, which can be applied to the courtyard design of different styles in China and the West.

Case Show of JKCSOLAR Street Lamp For Garden

Solar Spot Lights for Garden

Solar garden lamps are generally required to be beautiful and generous in appearance, and have low requirements on the brightness and power-on time of the lamps. The models we developed are very suitable for the requirements of mass customers.