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All In Two Solar Street Light

All In Two Solar Street Light

In order to prolong battery life, battery backup offers 2–5 days of autonomy and takes into account regional weather conditions. Commercial solar lighting projects and municipal lighting projects are the main uses for all in two solar street light.

All In Two Solar Street Light Price
China All In Two Solar Street Light Advantages

China All In Two Solar Street Light Advantages

It takes 5 hours to fully charge a lithium battery. In order to provide continuous brightness without dimming or sensor function and extended backup for rainy days, battery capacity can be raised to twice that of the present market standard.

Difference Between All In One And All In Two Solar Street Light


The fundamental difference between the All in One and All in Two batteries is that the All in One batteries have a lesser capacity since the battery location is fixed, but the All in Two batteries have a relatively larger battery location. The larger solar panel that is installed on the lighting casing to store energy is another factor in the increased battery capacity.

Power Generation

The OEM all in one street light systems have limited directional angle flexibility because the solar panel is fixed to the lighting enclosure. Due to the fixed panel position, however, maximal energy harvest is not achievable here.

The solar panel of All in Two Solar Street Lights can be positioned such that it will receive the most sunlight and produce the most electricity. The panel will operate for less hours at night if it doesn't receive enough sunshine.


More people and work are needed to adjust and hold solar panels before setting them up in order to install the China All in Two Solar street light solution. It is simple to install because everything is easily housed in one box, including the solar panel, LED bulb, battery, smart censor, and controller.

As opposed to All in Two solar street lights, all-in-one solar street lights are simpler to install. One box is used to neatly store the device's solar panel, OEM LED solar street lamp, battery, smart sensor, and controller. Since there is no need to hold and adjust the solar panel, installation can be completed by one person or less. They can be erected on either new or used poles, as well as on walls.