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jkc solar technical help

Technical Help

JKCSOLAR Technical Help is a website dedicated to providing technical assistance to customers of JKCSOLAR products. The website provides a range of information on the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of JKCSOLAR products. It also offers advice on how to best use the products and maximize their efficiency.

after sale service

After-sale Service

Professionals guide the installation of the OEM solar street light throughout the process, and provide technical solutions at any time in case of any problems, at the same time, we guarantee the lamp body and battery for 3 years.

quality control

Quality Control

The production line has many quality inspection links, including incoming material inspection, finished product inspection and delivery inspection, to ensure that the goods are intact in the hands of customers.

social responsibility

Social Responsibility

As a professional and legal solar LED street light exporter, we bear social responsibility including responsibility for employees, creditors, consumers, social welfare, environment, and resources. In addition, enterprises have the obligation and responsibility to comply with the government's management.

Research & Development

JKC Solar R&D office

The R&D office is more than 200 square meters, providing a superior office environment.

Solar street light company

The company has more than 10 R&D personnel and is growing continuously.

Solar LED street light company

The company has applied for more than dozens of different appearance patents and utility patents.

Types of solar street lamps and energy storage products

The company has developed more than ten new types of solar street lamps and energy storage products.