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Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light

Thanks to the solar lights, there are more options when creating a garden, and outdoor landscaping is more flexible. But we still need to take proper care of solar outdoor lights to make the most of them. Outdoor solar landscape lights can last for years if properly maintained.

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How Does Solar Garden Light Work At Night?

How Does Solar Garden Light Work At Night?

Using photovoltaic technology, solar energy is transformed into electricity to power solar garden light. The photoresistor is the mechanism that makes these lights function at night. The OEM solar garden light automatically comes on at night when the battery is turned on and stay on until the photoresistor notices a lot of sunshine once more.

Usage Tips For Solar Garden Light

Charging Before Use

After purchasing the wholesale solar LED street light, do not use them immediately. Start by exposing the lamp to direct sunlight for about 5-10 cycles, i.e. charging it during the day and discharging it at night, so that the battery is fully charged. And then you'll notice that it lasts longer.

Replace Battery

Generally, solar garden light batteries can be replaced every two years to maintain maximum capacity. If your area has long winters or extreme weather conditions, it is best to replace the battery once a year.

Storage Solar Garden Light

Keep your solar garden light there so that you can get some daily natural or artificial light. Batteries require light to maintain charge while being stored.